Sony has ramped up its cloud services for PlayStation Plus users - adding automatic cloud saving within the latest PS3 update.

The feature means that, with the option enabled, gamers can bash away on their joypads killing prostitutes / soldiers / zombies, scoring goals, making putts and the like - all safe in the knowledge that their progress is being backed-up in cyberspace.

The PS3 3.70 firmware update also adds auto syncing of trophies and a new recommendation function that lets you tell your buddies which PlayStation Store items you like. You'll be able to send messages with a link from the product pages straight from the Store.

ps3 software update takes gamers to the cloud image 3

There's also a new entry for the XMB bar labelled TV/Video Services which will host the likes of Vudu and Hulu in the States, and presumably the BBC iPlayer here in Blighty.

The update also brings some Blu-ray tweaks such as Java 3D support and DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR decoding/bit stream output (or lossless audio) support for 3D movies.

Sony is saying that the 3.70 update will be available soon - along with a minor PSP update as well.