Sony has grabbed themselves a very special Pwnie award at this year's Black Hat security conference in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The company scooped the prize for the PlayStation Network hack and lengthy service outage that ensued. 

The Pwnies were just one of the prizes handed at out the Black Hat conference, which acts like a meet and greet for the computer counter culture. 

Stuxnet for example, the famously potent worm, picked up a "Pwnie for epic 0wnage". Amazingly LulzSec and Anonymous lost out on the awards front. 

Geohot grabbed his own special music related prize following the release of a YouTube video rap about his PlayStation antics. 

For those who are interested, you can see the complete list of winners at the official Pwnie website. We particularly like the trophy handed out, which was an especially shiny My Little Pony. 

No surprises that most of the awards were handed out to no-one, with hackers doing what they do best and sticking indoors to their computers. 

Like the idea of the Pwnies? Or are they promoting hacking?