Sony has announced a new gaming incentive for pre-orders and purchases of select titles made through the PSN.

The PlayStation Network Play offers will see a free gift consisting of things like unlockable characters granted when purchases are made. Preorders will also receive a free theme. PlayStation Plus users will even get a further 20 per cent off each of the four titles.

Titles will be released gradually over the coming months, with things kicking off with Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition launching on 24 August. The game will be up for pre-order until 18 August and come with a free Gill character unlock. Street Fighter will be 15 euros (we don't have UK pricing yet) to download.

Next up is The Baconing on 31 August, priced in at 13 euros. This title will be up for pre-order until 25 August. Expect a free co-op character called Roesha - One Bad Mutha - to be included at download. 

Then comes BloodRayne: Betrayal on 7 September at 13 euros. This will include a dynamic theme and BloodRayne related virtual item for your PlayStation Home avatar. Pre-orders on BloodRayne can be placed up until 1 September. 

Finally there is Renegade Ops on 14 September. Downloads will arrive with a vehicle and character pack as well as weapons. This title will also cost 13 euros and pre-orders will end on 9 September. 

If you opt for downloading all four of the Play offers then Sony will throw in a free download code for Payday: The Heist, provided you make the purchases before 20 September. After that, on 21 September, the game can be picked up by itself but pricing is still to be confirmed. 

Plenty of excitement to be had over in the Sony download camp then. Good bit of download excitement to pass the time until Battlefield 3 decides to make an appearance on shop shelves.

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