A Spanish police statement has been released detailing 3 suspects who have been arrested in connection with a Sony hacking case.

Also connected to the hackers, who were identified as members of anonymous, was cyber-attacks on Spanish banks, an Italian energy company, and various government sites including Egypt and Libya. 

Suspects had a server confiscated by Spanish Police, on which was found chat logs that pointed to hacking attacks on the Spanish electoral board. 

As of now it is unclear exactly what part the hackers had to play in the recent PSN hacking fiasco. Only last week was Sony's PlayStation Network returned to life after more than a month of outage.

Currently Lulzsec, a group of hackers, are the latest to commit cyber-attacks on Sony. Their Twitter feed has been a buzz with information relating to over 1 million people taken from the Sony Pictures network. Personal information relating to users was taken from Sony just after they had begun bringing the PSN back to life. 

We expect Sony's security bods are going to be relatively happy about this one.

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