Sony Computer Entertainment America’s president Jack Tretton has openly apologised for the recent network outage of the PlayStation Network.

In a humble apology to gamers, developers, and retailers the Sony exec said he had to address the elephant in the room:

"I hear most editors love controversy. So to all you, I say you're welcome." before going on to say "I know we took you away from what you enjoy most, but it’s you that makes us both humble and amazed at the support you give us.”

The comments come as Microsoft bosses told Pocket-lint they sympathised with Sony over its recent hacking issues saying that the, “PS3 hack isn’t a good thing for our industry.”

The comments, made at E3 by the head of Xbox Live, suggest that Microsoft is also worried, not about hackers gaining access to its services, but that consumers will be reluctant to get involved in services like Xbox Live.

“We’ve always felt security is really important at Microsoft. We take it incredibly seriously. We want consumers to feel safe.”

The Microsoft big cheese finished by saying:

“It’s a message to consumers that you should have different passwords for different services. We are all responsible for our own security measures.”

Sony is hoping the apology draws a line under the service which is now back and fully operational.