When initial details of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play were unveiled, one of the glaring omissions was a native HDMI output to be able to play games on a flatscreen. The Xperia Arc has got one, so why not the Play?

The unofficial Sony Ericsson Xperia blog, however, has received some photographs that purport to show the Xperia Play hooked up to a TV via, possibly, an HDMI cable. And they have led the site into speculating whether it's actually showing a Micro USB to HDMI in action, or whether the shots are of an updated handset.

Of course, it could be something entirely different: It could be completely faked. After all, it's a bit weird that some anonymous, random photographs have been sent to the blog - showing something that has been on a wish list since the device was first launched.

Hmmm... Cue much chin stroking. You can make your own minds up.

sony ericsson xperia play with hdmi output spotted image 2

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