The PlayStation Network has been restored... Almost. A global restoration has started and many are able to access the PlayStation Store and download games, use vouchers and fiddle with all the shenanigans they used to be able to before the great and mighty crash of 20 April (said more for effect than accuracy, to be honest).

However, while Sony has announced the restoration with somewhat of a fanfare - a press release, anyway - it seems that some PS3 owners are still having issues.

Indeed, in Pocket-lint Towers, one of us can log in and access the PlayStation Store, while the other gets an error code (80710D36) whenever he tries. And we can't access our account details on either machine. In addition, although every non-PlayStation Plus subscriber is meant to now have 30-days' membership, the console firmly says "this content cannot be accessed on your account", even when simply clicking on basic menu boxes.

sing hossana the playstation network is back sort of image 3

It's annoying as the full version of Burnout Paradise is being offered as a free gift to welcome people to PlayStation Plus, even to those with the free membership, but we can't access it at the moment.

So yay for the beginning of the restoration, but it seems that we may have to wait for everything to click into place.

On a brighter note, the European PlayStation blog is promising that the compensatory "Welcome Pack" will be available very soon. And that means a couple of free games...

Are you still having trouble with the PlayStation Network? Let us know in the comments below...