Sony's recent woes now have a financial value attached to them - $3.2 billion.

That's the figure that's being touted by the Japanese electronics giant as its forecast result for its annual report, with $170 million being directly linked to the PlayStation Network hacks.

Obviously, with Sony's Japan locale being badly hit as well with the earthquake and tsunami - it's been one tough year for the corporation who originally forecast a $860 million profit.

The $170 million attributed to the PSN directly is "in terms of insurance and damages costs" according to the Beeb.

It's not likely that Sony will be back to its A game in terms of revenue for a while either - its woes just in terms of the PSN are far from over; only last week Pocket-lint reported how an exploit had been found on the password reset system.

Plus, there's still the small matter of compensating PSNers with free games as part of the Welcome Back programme.

Tough times indeed at Sony Towers.

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