Launched four-and-a-half years ago, the Sony PlayStation 3 has now exceeded the 50 million sales mark, shifting its landmark unit at the end of last month. And PlayStation Move has recently surpassed 8 million sales worldwide.

Sony puts the console's success down to the fact that it has been constantly improved over the year, through downloadable upgrades: "The PS3 system continues to evolve and enhance the user experience through new features and services delivered via software updates," it says.

In addition, its PlayStation Network service now has over 75 million registered accounts based in 59 different countries. And, when totted up globally, it offers 105,988 individual pieces of content (games, movies, etc). Phew, stat attack!

Regardless of updates, though, the PS3 will have to go some to beat its predecessor's record sales target; the PlayStation 2 sold over a mind-blowing 150 million units worldwide.