It may have taken the hacking community a long old while to finally crack into the Sony PlayStation 3, but it seems that now they're in, they're not planning on getting out.

The latest PS3 firmware, 3.60, which was introduced earlier this month and added cloud based online-saving, also brought with it some added security features as Sony looked to fight off the jailbreakers.

But it looks as if its efforts could have been in vain, as a hacker going by the name of ThatBoringHacker has posted a YouTube video (complete with proof that it actually is 3.60) showing how he can install the necessary packages to run his own homebrew software.

The good news for Sony is that this particular hacker apparently stumbled across the option by accident and has no plans on releasing the code (probably because Sony has come out bats a swinging with legal threats right, left and centre).

But the worry for the Japanese giant is that, if this smug little hacker has managed to get in, then surely others will follow.