Sony has announced on its blog that the Sony Move controller will be getting a software server application called, which should enable some Kinect-style innovation for its motion controller.

The blog states that: "We want to see what innovative applications programmers can create using the PS Move controller, the PS3 system, the PlayStation Eye camera, and a PC."

We've covered plenty of Kinect hacks previously on Pocket-lint, which shows off the Microsoft controller-less motion system working outside the original Microsoft boundaries; so whether this latest announcement from Sony can entrench the Sony Move as a device that is more than just about gaming will be interesting to see.

The software, according to Sony, is suitable for "academic researchers, university instructors, college students, programming hobbyists, and HCI developers", and it encourages developers to move into areas such as kid-friendly interfaces, physical therapy, fitness training and music/art.

Move.Me will be available to officially download in spring 2011, but you can register on the Sony blog for an Early-Product Seeding Program if you're dead keen.

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