Is Sony about to start offering developers the chance to use the PlayStation Move with a PC?

That’s what some people believe, after seeing a talk listing for GDC by Sony that suggests just that.

Delegates to the Games Developers Conference (GDC) in February will have a chance to listen to John McCutchan from Sony Computer Entertainment America, and in particular his talk titled, “Update on PlayStation Move Development”.

According to the session listing, currently available on the official GDC website, the talk will be, “about bringing developers up to speed on developing for the PlayStation Move controller”, and cover “developing for the new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter accessory”, as well as to “discuss the new Move Server project that will make it possible for academics and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs”.

It’s the last word in that sentence - PCs - that is getting games journalists and gamers excited.

Could Sony be about to offer official PC support for its motion controllers, to take on the Kinect and its burgeoning hacker community that’s seen the accessory being used on the PC, the Mac, and to control robots?

We will keep you posted.

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