Gaming site Kotaku is reporting that PlayStation 3 fans will soon be able to take an eye-off their ever filling PS3 hard-drives, by saving their game content in the cloud instead.

The move, which is apparently going to be called "Online Saving" when it is officially launched by Sony, is set to be included in the next major PS3 firmware update - version 3.60.

But, it won't be available for all Sony gamers - just those coughing up their subscription fees for PlayStation Plus.

Developers will have the ability to opt their titles out of the server-based saving service though, amid concerns that the platform "will allow save data with the copy prohibited attribute to be copied into the online storage".

As well as alleviating physical storage concerns, Online Saving will also allow PS3ers to access their game data when playing on their pal's consoles as it will all be linked into a PlayStation Network account.

No official word as to when Online Saving will land - although, as always, we'll keep you updated.