The video game Heavy Rain looks as though it could be coming to the small screen as producer and writer David Milch is signing to adapt it into a television series.

Variety is reporting that Milch will partnered by Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, "producing through their Unique Features banner."

Pocket-lint reviewed Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain back in Feb 2010, and it's clearly ideal for a TV adaptation as we found it "Gripping, moving, intelligent and visionary, it's the richest synthesis of game and film/TV thriller we've seen yet.

As its storyline is based around just 4 days of action, it'll be interesting to see how that's conveyed into the drama. However Milch has a good deal of experience in this field as he's been creator/exec producer for previous TV hits such as NYPD Blue and Deadwood.

The series will have the imaginative title of "Rain" and work will be started once Mitch has finished his current work on HBO's horse racing drama "Luck".