(Pocket-lint) - Sony Ericsson, as we previously reported, will announce a bevy of new handsets at Mobile World Congress to expand its Xperia range.

The company has fired out a press invite inviting media in attendance of the largest mobile phone trade show to "meet the new members of the Xperia family."

The invite doesn’t however go as far as confirming the official launch of the PlayStation Phone, instead opting to feature a generic women smiling at her phone with the hint that Sony Ericsson fans will have multiple phones to look forward to rather than just one.

There are plenty of rumours circulating at the moment as to what those new handsets could be with UK website TechRadar claiming it has the inside info that the other handsets will be called the Anzu and the Hallon.

“The Anzu is set to be the refresh of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and will also be running Android. It's not the first time we've heard of such a phone - a month ago the Sony Ericsson Anzu was mentioned as a 12MP device with a very slim form factor and a 4.3-inch screen,” reports the site before going on to say: “This will be landing in the UK alongside the Hallon, a name that's been thrown around the internet for a while as a possible Sony Ericsson handset.”

TechRadar’s source doesn’t have any further details on when those smartphones are likely to be released.

Sony Ericsson’s press conference is on the Sunday 13 February, the night before MWC in Barcelona opens.

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Pocket-lint will be reporting live from the event bringing you all the latest information on the new launches as they happen.

Writing by Stuart Miles.