Hardcore gamers will already be fully aware of SNK Playmore's NEOGEO console, and may even own one. It came out in 1990, cost a fortune (around $650 on launch) and the games were hideously expensive too. Pocket-lint can remember The King of Fighters costing around £200 in the UK. For the one game.

However, its popularity sustained in spite of the price of the machine and software, because it was, essentially, an exact rendition of an arcade machine for the home.

The games themselves weren't versions of arcade hits, they were arcade hits, as each oversized cartridge contained the original arcade machine ROM. You were getting the exact experience that you would get in arcades around the world. Without being bothered by grubby 10-years-olds asking for spare change.

Of course, the consoles nowadays are hard to get hold of (and not much different in price on the second-hand market than originally), but SNK has joined forces with SCEE to bring about a new way to sate the appetites of those who hanker for a spot of old-school arcade action, they are bringing the games to the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PSP.

To celebrate the console's 20th Anniversary, there will be a new section in the store called NEOGEO Station, which will offer a selection of SNK's most popular games titles. Plus, for the very first time, many of them will have remote multiplayer capabilities: Versus and Co-op modes will work over the PlayStation Network.

As well as The King of Fighters, SNK will offer the excellent Fatal Fury and Metal Slug, among others. And Samurai Shodown will be offered from free to European PlayStation Plus members from 22 December.

Plus members will also get Magician Lord free in February, and 20 per cent off all other titles in the range.

You can find out more from SNK Playmore's official NEOGEO Station website.

Do you have a NEOGEO? If so, what's your favourite game? Let us know in the comments below...