Lovefilm's movie streaming service is now available on the PlayStation 3. Subscribers can access thousands of standard definition (DVD-quality) versions of films from the rental giant's catalogue, and watch them via their Sony games console.

The icon to download the application can be found in the "video" section of the Xross Media Bar, and access to the portal takes no longer than 20 seconds. Then, once installed, it will remain in the same place for ease of use.

To use the Lovefilm streaming service, users must subscribe to one of the company's various postal services (where you will receive a disc or two through the post after you've returned the previous rental), which range from £5.99 a month. These can also include games rental subscriptions, although some restrictions apply. It's worth checking out the details at

Another benefit of the app is that it allows subscribers to control their account, including queuing-up discs for postal rental. And there is an initial offer of a 30-day free trial accessible directly through the PS3 - it's worth noting, though, that credit card details will be needed.

For those without a PlayStation 3, the same service is currently available through some Samsung (via its Internet@TV hub) and Sony TVs.

Do you think that movie streaming is the future of movie rental? Let us know in the comments below...

PS3 Lovefilm will cost from £5.99 a month

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