One For All has added PS3 support to its universal remote, SmartControl, via a Bluetooth adaptor.

SmartControl already has the codes programmed into it to zap your TV, set-top box, iPod dock, Blu-ray player, PS2, Xbox 360, home cinema system and MP3 player, and can now claim a full multi-media set up with the PS3 addition.

Able to control up to six devices at once, the SmartControl's PS3 features come courtesy of a AA-powered Bluetooth adaptor (that can also be plugged in to your console's USB port) and the PS3 code is already pre-programmed - including Play TV controls as well.

The adaptor simply converts IR signals into Bluetooth commands that your PS3 can understand.

The SmartControl remote bundled with the wireless PS3 adaptor will be out, "in time for Christmas" priced at a penny shy of £50.

You'd better find a spare drawer for all those obsolete remotes.