The poor old PSPgo is having a bit of a rough ride at the moment, with reports of high customer return rate, and now news that prices for the PSPgo have been cut in the US and Japan.

Admittedly, this looks to have been coming for some time, as Sony's download-only gaming device has always been a bit of a sick note, but Sony has now made the price cut official in the US. The price dropping from $249 to $199.

In Japan the PSPgo will drop from $332 to $208, from the 26 October.

It's not sure how much impact this new PSPgo pricing will have on sales, but Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainmen, at one point did say that pricing for the device was "perhaps an issue".

Still, if you've always fancied one then now might be a good time to pick one up.

Which is your preferred portable gaming device? Do you own a PSPgo, and if so, is it any good? Let us know in the comments below.