Pocket-lint has already brought you news that Lovefilm's movie-streaming service, already a massive success on PCs and compatible Samsung and Sony TVs and home cinema kit, is coming to PS3. Now we can let you know how much it's going to cost.

Basically, if you subscribe to any package costing from £5.99 a month and up, you will have access to PS3 Lovefilm as soon as it goes live. That means you'll be able to stream any of the hundreds of available movies, and order your Lovefilm physical, posted discs through your console.

The £5.99 package allows for 1 disc rental at a time (3 times a month) and up to 2 hours of online/PS3 viewing. However, those who want more access to the streaming services (ie. more time) really need to subscribe to an unlimited package from £9.99 a month.

Incidentally, the £5.99 with game package, which allows subscribers to rent videogames titles, is not applicable; that'll need to be upgraded.

Also, it should be noted that any movie streaming through the PS3 will come out of whatever Internet bandwidth limitation you may have. But, as the movies are currently limited to standard definition, almost-DVD quality (until the broadband infrastructure improves in the UK), that roughly equates to about 500MB per hour of video watched. Just keep an eye on the usage, Pocket-lint suggests.

If you are a compatible Samsung or Sony TV (or kit) owner, the above price plans also apply to you. As do the bandwidth limitations if applicable.

We haven't yet been informed when the update to the PS3 will take place (to add Lovefilm), but when it does we'll bring you a full hands-on with the new service.

Would you stream movies through your PS3 on a subscription basis? Let us know in the comments below...

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