Despite the recent launch of Sony's long-awaited PlayStation Move, there are still relatively few games available for the motion-controlled console. While many existing games have already been given or are soon to get patches to make them compatible, there has also been a healthy selection of brand new games announced. However, as we're still waiting for a lot of these to land here in the UK, we've pulled together a list of the top games that you can buy now.

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Ubisoft's Racket Sports lets you pretend that you're the next Nadal, Federer or Henman (well, perhaps not Henman), as you lob, volley and smash your way to glory. But it's not just limited to tennis - you can also try your hand at table tennis, badminton, squash and beach tennis. There's a selection of customisable characters and rackets to choose from, and you can also play in a series of famous locations such as Mount Fuji and New York's Central Park. This is exactly the sort of game that works well on a motion-controlled console, as it's easy to replicate the movement of a racket with the controller.

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While Racket Sports goes for a more cartoonish look, Sports Champions is a much more realistic affair. Somewhat unusually, the game features both modern and medieval sports so that you can be playing a spot of volleyball one minute and facing your opponent in the gladiator arena armed with nothing but a mallet the next. This is the kind of game that really benefits from use with the Move although, as with the Wii, it's only a matter of time before you work out that you can accomplish the same moves with a gentle flick of the wrist as opposed to leaping around your living room like a loon.
Sports Champions review

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This might seem like a strange game to play with the Move, but then this is a very strange game anyway. Well, in fact, it's utterly preposterous. Players get to take on the role of office worker Tobio (or his secretary Karin) as he speeds through the crowded streets of Hong Kong on an office chair while trying to evade capture by some gangsters. The nonsensical premise enables players to steer the chair by tilting the controller left and right, and to increase the speed by moving it up and down. You can also tap the Move button get the character to spin and kick items out of the way. Amusing, but totally bonkers.

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Available as an app from the iTunes store and now also downloadable for the Move, this addictive game lets you take on the role of an air traffic controller where the aim is to safely land as many planes as possible and guide them to the correct zones. The PlayStation Move version has been given a few tasty extras including a steroscopic 3D mode, high-def graphics and a four-player multiplayer option. There's also a new map - Metropolis - featuring a day and night cycle. This is another game that's very well-suited to the Move's controller.

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A little bit like a round of giant Jenga, this game requires you to use the motion controller to stack up and knock down blocks. You can play on your own or as a multiplayer game, and there are over 50 challenges for you to try and crack. The candy-coloured graphics look fantastic and you can even kick things up a notch by playing in full 3D. And just like a game of Jenga, the real fun is seeing your opponent's painstakingly constructed tower crash helplessly to the ground.

Although both Heavy Rain and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 have been out for some time both have received an update to enable you to use your new PlayStation Move controller. Download the update, and away you go. 

Heavy Rain is a fantastically brutal and engaging story that plays out like a film, while Tiger Woods as you might expect is a golf game that will see you having to practice your swing in the living room. 

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