It's only been available for a couple of days, but that doesn't stop the chaps over at iFixit doing there usual "take me apart" trick.

This time it's Sony's new PlayStation Move that gets dissembled for you to see all its innards without actually having to take a crow bar to your own new toy.

What have we learned from the experience?

It's incredibly easy to take apart supposedly getting an 8 out of 10 on the site's repairability scale (10 being easiest to repair).

On a more technical note turns out the the Wii and PlayStation use different methods of locating their controllers. The Wii Remote has an infrared (IR) sensor built into the controller, and uses triangulation from the IR emitters on the sensor bar placed near the TV to locate itself.

PlayStation Move, unlike the Wii, can locate the motion controller in 3D space. The PlayStation Eye camera visually recognizes the X/Y position as well as the relative size of the glowing sphere on the motion controller to pinpoint the controller's location.

The Move contains many of components found in today's smartphones: a processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth transmitter, vibrating motor, and even a MEMS compass.

"It's an amazing amount of tech for the money," say iFixit.

And finally "As LEDs get warmer, their brightness decreases. Having a heat sink in the LED assembly not only keeps the LEDs at the optimal operating temperature, but also increases the longevity of the diodes. The clear plastic lens on the far left helps diffuse the light from the LEDs to light up the orb uniformly."

You can put the screwdriver down now.

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