Sony's CEO, Howard Stringer, may have told press at IFA earlier in the month that the PS3 wouldn't be getting Blu-ray 3D support until October, but what does he know.

According to the company's Japanese arm, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, 3D Blu-ray support will be supposedly coming to PS3 owners as early as the 21 September 2010.

The new capability will be available as part of the 3.50 software update allowing you to watch movies in stereoscopic 3D.

PS3 owners are already able to play 3D games, provided they have a 3D television to watch them on, but have as yet been able to watch Blu-ray 3D titles, although not that will have bothered most with the current content crop fairly light.

However with big 3D titles expected in time for Christmas like A Christmas Carol, and Clash of the Titans that is all about to change.

There seems to be no confirmation however whether this is a global software update roll-out date, or just Japan, however if history is anything to go by either way PS3 owners looking to go 3D shouldn't have long to wait now.