And so it begins. Konami is not one to be outdone, so has also put its playable demo of PES 2011 up for download on Xbox Live, PlayStation Store and at, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC respectively.

The demo allows you to play as Barcelona or Bayern Munich in Europe, with the Copa Libertadores teams, Chivas Guadalajara and Internacional, also available through the main menu screen.

After an exhibition match, there is also a massive presentation video outlining all of the enhancements and new features in this year's addition to the franchise. Certainly, it needs to improve somewhat on last year's poor offering, and to have any hope of catching FIFA 11 in the battle for footy game supremacy.

Pocket-lint rated that particular effort 5 out of 10, stating that "every facet of the entire game is at least a step behind the FIFA series". However, after a brief play of the demo, we can safely say that things have improved dramatically.

At first it seems sluggish, but then we found the Game Speed option and raked it up a notch.

Things may be a bit closer this time around.

PES 2011 will be out on multiple platforms from 8 October 2010.

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