Involving, dark and brooding, Heavy Rain is an acquired taste and, for some, little more than an interactive movie. However, the main criticisms from those when it was first released (not from Pocket-lint, who loved it) was that the control system was too simplified and amounted to little more than slight movement on the joypad.

That's about to change, though, as the game is due to get a patch on 22 September that will add PlayStation Move support, changing the control system and, thereby, changing the gameplay distinctly. Of course, that won't speed up the action dramatically, but it will introduce physical interaction, drawing the player into the plot and gameworld more.

The patch will be completely free, as stated on the PlayStation Blog: "For those of you who already have a copy of Heavy Rain, we will be releasing the Heavy Rain Move patch on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. Just boot up Heavy Rain (assuming you also have an internet connection) and it will automatically download to your PS3".

"This FREE patch will allow current owners of Heavy Rain to play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls and experience a whole new way of playing Heavy Rain".

Additionally, there will be a new Move-compatible demo of the title available to download from the PlayStation Store on the same day. It will feature two playable areas of the game; Sleazy Place and Crime Scene.

Have you played Heavy Rain to completion? If so, would you revisit it with a new control method? Let us know in the comments below...