First it was summer, then it was September, and now Sony CEO Howard Stringer has - at a keynote speech at IFA - confirmed that the PS3 will be getting the ability to play 3D Blu-ray disks by the end of October.

Bigging up 3D for the majority of the company's press conference - even the massive projection at the back of the stage was shown in 3D - the company dazzled journalists with examples of golf and football and music in 3D, as it makes 3D the focus of its efforts over the coming year.

Sony's Stringer wouldn't give a specific date for the final roll out, but if you've got a 3D-Ready TV you'll be able to enjoy movies like Avatar, Men in Black and other Sony titles in time for Christmas with granny.

But it wasn't all about 3D, Sony also confirmed the launch of a Google TV powered device before the end of the year in the US. Stinger refrained from going into further detail, saying that would come at another time.