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(Pocket-lint) - As we recently reported, the long-awaited PlayStation Move from Sony is due to hit UK shores on 17 September. Set to go head to head with Nintendo's phenomenally successful Wii and Microsoft's Kinect, the Move is the latest in a series of motion-based gaming systems to be launched. We've put together a hit list of the top accessories available for pre-order, so that you can get your PS3 pimped and ready.

PlayStation Move starter pack

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This handy starter pack has everything you need to get moving (apart from the actual PS3, that is). It contains a PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a demo disc showing you exactly how to set it all up.

PlayStation Move controller

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This rechargable handset is your main weapon when it comes to your PlayStation Move arsenal. The layout of the buttons should be familiar to PS3 users, and there's also a colour-changing orb on the end to provide visual playback during gameplay. What's more, you can use up to four of them with your console for multiplayer games. Obviously the controller won't work on its own - you'll need to make sure that you already have a PlayStation Eye camera set up.

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

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If you want to beef up your Move experience, then this supplementary controller is the one for you. It has been designed to use with games that require navigating a character, as it echos the control features found on the left side of the DualShock 3 controller. You'll find an analogue stick, directional buttons and two face buttons.

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PlayStation Move Charging Station

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Nothing too exciting here, but this charging station can accomodate up to two controllers at a time, making sure that you're always ready for action. It plugs into the wall to keep you PS3 looking pristine and free from extra messy cables.

PlayStation Move Gun Attachment

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There are several gun attachments soon to be available for the PlayStation Move, but this is Sony's own version, so it has been designed with the brand's inside knowledge of the product. The lightweight design means that it won't make your arms hurt, even after prolonged periods of pretending to be Dirty Harry.

Crown PlayStation Move Eye Camera Clip

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This thrifty little piece of kit is for those that have wall-mounted TVs, with no cabinet on which to rest the Eye camera. It can be attached to either the lower or upper part of the screen and can be adjusted to find the perfect angle.

Crown PlayStation Move Controller Dual Silicon Skin

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No doubt we'll soon be hearing plenty of stories about Move controllers flying out of people's hands and into the TV screen, just like we did with the Wii. Aside from a wrist strap, a good line of defence against this happening is to invest in a grippy case for controllers. Not only will these protect the handsets from damage, they will also hopefully stop you from lobbing them through your TV screen.

Crown PlayStation Move Boxing Glove Set

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Intended primarily for use with beat 'em up games, these gloves have built-in holders for Move controllers. This means that they're not really doing much that you couldn't do just by holding the controllers in your hands. They might make you like a bit of a plum, but at least you can pretend you're Rocky, or something...

With the PS Move just arriving, now is your time to shout to the manufacturers. What piece of third party kit would you like to see?

Writing by Libby Plummer.