Sony might have announced that it is adding ITV player to its Sony PS3 earlier this week at Gamescom, but it's now detailed a lot more information on what owners, new and old, will be getting with its PlayTV box.

For those not entirely aware of what PlayTV is, PlayTV is a Freeview ready box that you connect to your Sony PlayStation 3 console, allowing you to watch television and, more importantly, schedule shows to watch by recording them to your console.

Play TV is going to become an interactive experience with the great new "Chat TV" feature that lets you text chat with friends and other PlayStation Network users while watching live TV, as if they were in the room with you. Your chats will overlay the screen, which could get tricky to read, but at least you'll be able to bait them when your favourite team scores that winning goal.

No, it's not a picture in picture offering, but a new premium programme guide from "tvtv", strangely enough, that lets you Plan your TV viewing 7 days in advance. You'll be able to search TV listings by genre, actors, directors, producers and more, something even Sky users can't currently do.

Finally you'll be able to set Series Link on for your favourite shows in the UK.

Yep, like the Xbox 360, PlayTV is going all social and that means you'll be able to send recommendations for your favourite shows to your Facebook wall and also any of your PSN friends. People will be able to comment on your Facebook recommendations or even set a recording for the show directly from the PSN recommendation.

This feature lets you see what your friends and the PSN Community are watching and enjoying. So if you’re ever stuck for something to watch then just check out what everyone else is watching, no doubt porn and all.

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