Sony has had some fun as of late with its Kevin Butler videos mocking Microsoft's Kinect for its lack of "buttons" and asking: "Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade?"

But it could be that the big M has the last laugh as Kinect developer Kuda Tsunoda suggested to Pocket-lint ,over in Cologne at Gamescom, that accessories could well be on the way for Kinect users.

"We're not trying to limit anything from what you can do on Xbox, in fact, we want to give people as many different ways to play as we can and we want to give developers as many different creative tools as possible, so as when they have a vision in their head, they can get it most directly connected on our console”, he said.

With regards to the lack of buttons jibe from Sony's Butler, Tsunoda was also keen to stress that the Xbox controller will still play an integral part in some Kinect titles in the future.

"Obviously on Xbox there are a lot of controller experiences as well and we're not trying to get rid of the controller", he said. 

"Lot's of different people like to play games in different ways and so if you want to play games just with a controller we've got tonnes of controller games, if you want to play controller free we've got controller free experiences, if you want to play controller mixed with Kinect, we can do that as well".

One such game that will mix the traditional controller method with Kinect segments as well will be EA's Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which was announced at Gamescom.

Pocket-lint has had a play on the Harry Potter Kinect title, so stay tuned to the site because we'll be bringing you a quick play overview in the coming days.