A USB dongle has hit the PlayStation 3 mod scene that purports to back up games to the console's hard drive, allowing you to play them without the disc being present. What's more, it's plug and play, so there's no need to get the screwdriver out or tamper with your PS3 in any way.

The PS Jailbreak stick also comes with claims that it is updatable so that, when Sony releases firmware updates for its PS3s, the dongle will still work.

There are many sceptics though, not least developer Mathieu Hervais who Tweeted, "Needless to say the backups wont "run" as their "backup manager" is just a regular fself running with game privileges and doesn't make use of any exploits that I can think of".

In addition, the site of the Jailbreak's manufacturer - psjailbreak.com - is currently inaccessible, although that could be its inability to cope with the extra traffic that's flooding there at the moment, rather than having been taken down. Needless to say, it does strike Pocket-lint as a bit dodgy.

That said, several of the PS3 mod society claim to have tested it and are happy to endorse its credibility - psx-scene.com has also released some of the PS Jailbreak's specifications, after talking with its developers, including the nugget that the backed-up games will still work with online play. The fansite also states that final retail versions are ready to ship.

Fake or no, we can't see Sony being happy about this. And we doubt that it will ever make it to the UK, especially after the recent Nintendo R4 card case, which saw the import and sale of such copying devices made illegal, with resellers facing stiff criminal charges if caught.

Above are also some videos of the device in action, the first of which is slightly suspect as it only shows the screen in action, so could, in theory, be faked. The second attempts to keep both the screen and the PS3 in shot.

What do you think? Real or not? Let us know in the comments below...