After what has seemed like an lifetime, waiting for Gran Turismo 5 to drive on to the PlayStation 3, Sony has confirmed that car fans will be able to get their fix of the car driving game come November.

Sony has confirmed that the game will arrive on 2 November in the US, and a day later, 3 November, in the UK and Japan.

However, in one of those good news bad news moments, while US and UK owners will be getting the game soon, Japanese gamers will be treated to an even better offer than here in the West.

Japanese gamers will also be getting the option to snap up a first-run Limited Edition of the game with five DLC cars and a 308-page book, but also the chance to buy the Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pack, a box-set that will not only include the Limited Edition game, but also a special "Titanium Blue" 160GB PS3 Slim.

Unfortunately there is no word as to whether or not the blue console will be heading to the West any time soon.