Amongst the flood of Sony announcements at this year's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, comes the company's foray into the world of headphones specifically designed for gamers. The sleek, black headsets match the looks of the normal PlayStation 3 (rather than the new Japanese blue version), and each features more bells and whistles than a convention of morris dancing football referees.

The daddy of the two sets of 'phones, DR-GA500, comes with 7.1ch 3D surround effects, and a separate signal processing unit capable of decoding and coughing out Dolby Pro Logic IIx audio. It allows the headset to give the impression of seven channels of surround sound, ideal for first person shooters; as being able to hear what's coming around behind you is as important as seeing what's in front.

Additionally, each can features a 40mm drive unit - certainly enough to make your ears whimper, if not bleed.

The cheaper DR-GA200 offers similar specs and visual aesthetics, but not the 7.1ch abilities. And both have Compact Boom microphones in-built to allow you to goad your opponents.

Pocket-lint hasn't been informed of prices yet, but it is expected that the higher-end DR-GA500 headset will go for around £150, while the DR-GA200 will be, clearly, less. They'll hit stores around mid-September.

It may be worth hanging on a month though. As of 15 October, gamers will be treated to a free copy of the forthcoming Medal of Honor (single-player) game, with a purchase of either set of headphones - although it doesn't say on what format. We presume it won't be Xbox 360.

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