We love our PlayStation 3s at Pocket-lint, and we also love our, er, loved ones. However, rarely can the two be in the same room at the same time. We are, you see, sufferers of the common ailment of gameselbowflingeritus.

Gameselbowflingeritus, or GEF for short, causes a games-player to become more physically overt as the action progresses. First, one elbow will fly out at a sharp turn, then another, until the whole body eventually becomes an agitated mess, throwing itself about the living room with scant regard for spectators. And that's just with Toy Story 3, just think of the effect Blur has. It's scary.

Thankfully, Boys Stuff comes to the rescue of sufferers, offering the X-Dream Gyroxus Gaming Chair; a device that positively encourages thrashing about during gaming.

Once strapped in, not only is the player able to shift about and rock as they play driving or simulation games - it is a necessity. There are no motors in the chair, its manoeuvres are entirely based on the swaying of the gamer, and when they bank and turn, so does the aircraft or car.

Of course, such a cure for GEF doesn't come cheap, but at £399.95, it's less-expensive than electro-therapy. And, certainly, more fun.

Do you suffer from Gameselbowflingeritus? Would you consider installing a custom gaming device in the centre of your living room? Let us know in the comments below...