The news was buried in a pricing press release for the new Sony PlayStation Move, but now we have pictures we think Sony should be shouting a lot more about its latest accessory.

The "shooting attachment", which we've renamed here to be the Sony ray gun is designed to place the PlayStation Move motion controller horizontally to allow players to hold the motion controller as if they are holding a gun and to easily aim at an in-game target.  

As you can see from the images, the trigger on the attachment is interlocked with the motion controller T button and will enable users to intuitively play games like Time Crisis, Socom 4, and Killzone 3 when it comes out.

Not only limited to shooting games but also on games that may require precise button input and control, it will be a steal at 14.99 euros, US$19.99 and 1480 yen (including tax).

A must, if only so you can pretend to be from a 1960s Sci-Fi movie.

Now where's my communicator?