We suspected that there would be a few big stories dropping over in Los Angeles at E3 and we haven't been disappointed. Microsoft Kinect got an official unveiling, as did the Xbox 360 Slim and the Nintendo 3DS. One thing we were not expecting though, was Valve to take the stage to announce that its Steam service would be coming to the PS3.

And that's exactly what happened. Previously a fierce critic of Sony's PS3, Valve boss Gabe Newell stated that not only would Steam be appearing on the console, but that the PS3 adaptation of the hugely anticipated version of Portal 2 would also be the best version available.

Newell also said: "I've been outspoken in my comments about the current generation of game consoles. I'd like to thank everyone at Sony for their hospitality and not repeatedly punching me in the face. 

"We're going from a transition - from games as a product to games as a service. It's not about chips for rendering symbols or calculating nav-meshes - it's about giving games a complete connected experience.

"The PS3 will excel in this area. So I am very pleased to announce that we will be bringing Portal 2 to the PlayStation 3. I am excited that Steam will be part of that experience".

Steam on the PS3 is an attractive prospect. It has been a massively popular service for PC gamers and has also got Apple fans gaming with its recently launched Mac service.

And who could fail to be excited by the prospect of Portal 2, which is due out next year, not just on the PS3 but the PC, Mac and Xbox 360 too? Check out the E3 trailer of the title below for a sneak peak of what to expect.