Sony has made a big change to the way it offers content to PS3 owners as it's announced the launch of a subscription service called PlayStation Plus, at E3.

The new move will not replace the existing model, whereby users can download content as a when, but is offered as a two tiered system in which gamers can pay to receive a certain amount of exclusive services and media.

In a curated-style service Sony will ultimately decide the content to PlayStation Plus subscribers as the titles "on offer will be available for download on PlayStation Store for a stated period and change every month".

The scheme appears to be a way of baiting gamers into buying more online content as after a given period users will be given the option to "continue playing the game by purchasing the game on-line". How very kind!

Included in the package will be exclusive access to content and discounts on designated titles and to be fair there does seem to be a decent amount on offer - you'll just have to way up whether you'll end up using it.

The cost of the service look s to be priced at $49.99 a year and if that's too big an outlay there's the option to pay $17.99 for 3 months.

The service will go live on 29 June 2010.