Sony has confirmed that the Playstation Move controller will be heading to the UK and Europe ahead of the US when it launches later this year.

15 September is the date for your diary if you are a PS3 gamer in the UK, while Americans will have to wait a a couple more days 'till the 19 September before getting their fix.

Repeatedly playing on the fact that it is a physical controller rather than just your hands, Sony hopes to appeal to ­gamers both c­asual and hardcore to embrace the new motion tracking controllers.

Sony used its E3 press conference to show a range of new games for the controller including Tiger Woods 11, which will be updatable in September, and new titles such as SingStart plus Dance.

Although SCEE in the UK has yet to announce a price for the new controllers, in the US the Move controller itself will set you back $49.99, and the optional navigation controller is $29.99. In Europe it will be 39.99 euros and 29.99 euros respectively.

It will be sold with a Sports game as a bundle pack for $99.99 while those yet to jump in an get a PS3 will be able to do so for $399.99 all in.

We will update you on UK pricing as soon as we get word from Sony.

Sony has also announced it will be offering a PlayStation Move charging station, that will let users charge up to two PlayStation Move controllers. The "charging station" will become available concurrently with the motion controller launch in each region at a RRP of 29.99 euros, US$29.99 and 2480 yen (including tax).

Furthermore for Socom and Killzone 3 players, there will be a PlayStation Move shooting attachment. The "shooting attachment", designed to place the PlayStation Move motion controller horizontally, will allow players to hold the motion controller as if they are holding a gun and to easily aim at an in-game target.  The trigger on the attachment is interlocked with the motion controller T button and will enable users to intuitively play the game, not only limited to shooting games but also on games that may require precise button input and control. The "shooting attachment" will become available starting this autumn in each region at a RRP of 14.99 euros, US$19.99 and 1480 yen (including tax).

Update: PlayStation Move which is out in the UK on September 17th. Prices are as follows: - PlayStation Move Pack (includes PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, the starter disk which includes the games Beat the Sketcher, Blocks and echochrome 2) - £49.99 - The PlayStation Move controller on its own - £34.99 - The Playstation Eye camera on its own - £24.99 - The PlayStation sub-controller on its own - £24.99