PlayStation Move, Sony's motion controller that looks like it belongs on an airport runway, is likely to be big news at the forthcoming E3 video games convention in Los Angeles. And to ready itself for the big push, the company has launched its official website.

The PlayStation Move site features technical specifications, video clips and information of a few of the games that are expected to accompany the controller on its launch in autumn 2010.

Thankfully, more launch games will be announced over the coming months, as we're not quite sure that Sony can hope to flog the Move on the back of Brunswick Pro Bowling, TV Superstars and a smattering of other Wii-like titles. Certainly, a lot will be resting on the shoulders of Toy Story 3 when it arrives.

We'll, of course, let you know more with our E3 coverage from 15 June.

It'll interesting to see what will be bigger, Move or Natal?