One of the biggest problems of having rechargeable wireless controllers is that if you play on your PS3 a lot, you'll soon find that you have got to plug them in all the time.

Hoping to stop that tangle of USB cables around your console is the TwistDock, a PS3 docking station that not only gives you a rotating stand for your console, but also two recharging bays for your two PlayStation 3 controllers.

But wait, there is more, as a gameshow host describing the star prize would say. The docking station also acts as a way to connect the PS3 to your HD-Ready TV via an HDMI port and there are four additional USB ports for connecting more peripherals around the back.

Vogel, who make the clutter free dock haven't set a date or a price for the TwistDock, however have said that it will be available in the Netherlands via Dixons and Dynabyte over the summer with plans to sell it elsewhere before the year is out.