MUBI is launching on the PS3 this autumn. The movie streaming service will offer classic cinema, indy flicks and international films which will be perfect for anyone bored of watching Will Smith save the world, or Ben Stiller get himself into awkward situations with women who are clearly out of his character's league.

The MUBI app will be free to download and will appear on the PS3's XMB, a bit like the BBC iPlayer icon does now. At its launch there will be 300 titles available although no word yet as to how much these will cost.

MUBI founder Efe Çakarel said: "Our partnership with PlayStation brings online cinema to TV screens in homes around the world giving PlayStation owners a whole new world of entertainment to explore. And discovery couldn’t be more fun - from finding out about the films behind the latest buzz at Cannes, to taking the film recommendation of MUBI members like Martin Scorsese”.