Sony has announced that it will begin to release older titles under its Essentials range banner - starting with ten titles due next month. Sony will hope the move, which is similar to the PlayStation Platinum scheme, will boost sales for its much lamented handheld.

For £9.99 you'll initially be able to pick up old favourites including Daxter, Everybody's Golf, LocoRoco, Secret Agent Clank, WipEout Pulse, Patapon 2, and Buzz! Master Quiz on June 4 with another ten to follow later on in the month. If we had to choose just one from this list we'd go for LocoRoco with its freaky jelly characters.

“Releasing PSP Essentials makes sure that every PSP gamer – and younger newcomers in particular – can get their hands on the best portable gaming experiences at affordable prices,” said Sony’s European product marketing manager for hardware and platforms Isabelle Tomatis.

The move could also be another sign that Sony is gearing up for a new handheld, possibly to be launched at E3. See yesterday's rumour for more info on that.