It's been a while since we've had a decent PSP rumour. The last one was back in March, and it hinted at a PSP phone or even a PSP tablet. But the games industry is buzzing this morning with the news that a possible PSP2 announcement may take place at E3 next month.

MCV, a leading games industry publication, has said that it's been "informed of a significant increase in marketing spend at two key publishers for Q4 2010" and speculated that "publishers are laying the ground for an offensive on a brand new iteration of Sony’s handheld".

It hinted at an E3 announcement, which makes sense because at last year's E3 Sony launched the PSP Go, although it has since suffered from poor sales.

Sony needs to get back on the horse, so to speak, in terms of the handheld gaming market. Whilst the PSP hasn't exactly been a flop, it has struggled in a market dominated by Nintendo. With Nintendo's 3DS due later this year, and an ever increasing mobile gaming industry developing as a result of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the PSP2 may just be what the doctor ordered for Sony.

Pocket-lint will be at E3 next month and if this rumour turns out to be true and a next-gen PSP is announced, we'll be sure to get all of the dirt and spill it right here.