Blinkbox has launched a PS3 version of its popular streaming service, in a move that it hopes will make it the "British equivalent" to US streaming service Netflix.

When PS3 users visit the Blinkbox site, they will now find a PS3 friendly screen that is designed with the PS3 controller in mind. Think big icons and big selection areas like the iPlayer and YouTube PS3 versions.

Blinkbox offers movies, as well as US TV shows. It states that there are over 6000 titles to choose from. You can rent, as well as buy, these digital streams. There's quite a bit of free content on there too, mainly British sitcoms, much like you get with free TV streaming service SeeSaw.

US shows start from 39p per episode to rent or 89p to buy. Movies start from 99p to rent, but new releases such as Paranormal Activity will set you back £2.99. Once you've paid to rent, you can watch your chosen content as many times as you like within a 24 hour period.

Do you use Blinkbox already via your PC or laptop? Will you be making use of the PS3 service? If so, let us know how it works out.