Media molecule, the creator of Playstation 3 hit Little Big Planet, has announced that it's got a sequel to the title in development, surprising a grand total of no-one. We've embedded the trailer above.

The forthcoming sequel, which still stars the original's Sackboy, will apparently feature "so many new tools and objects in here that will grant you ultimate creative power to build amazing things, not just vastly improved levels, but entire games too". That last point, in particular, sets it apart from its predecessor.

Media Molecule added: "We've also built a grand adventure of our own, using the very same tools you’ll have, and filled it up to the very brim with new characters, stickers, objects, things, wotsits and fluff, all spread generously across a set of themes that’ll take you all around the cosmos and back, as you try to save creator curators everywhere from a mysterious giant hoover-type thing!"

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then stay tuned for more. We'll bring you all the detail as it arrives in our inbox.