When he is not busy jailbreaking Apple iPhones, coder GeoHot seems to be doing the same to the PS3.

Following Sony's decision to remove Other OS, ie Linux, support from the latest PS3 software update, the coder has found a way for gamers, or should we say those looking to run the PS3 as a supercomputer, to have their cake and eat it.

iPhone hacker Geohot claims to have developed a workaround that will bring the option back. The so-called custom firmware can be installed by restoring a custom-generated PUP file, based on firmware 3.15 or older.

But the hack isn't for the faint hearted as once you've hacked your PS3 you then have to set up a proxy hack to access Sony's PSN store and play games online, suggesting that it might be worth simply buying another console and not bother updating your original Linux running system.

GeoHot even has a message for Sony on his blog:

"Note to the people who removed OtherOS, you are potentially turning 100000+ legit users into "hackers." There was a huge(20x) traffic spike to this blog after the announcement of 3.21. If I had ads on this site I guess I'd be thanking you".

Last month Sony announced that it would remove the ability to install a secondary operating system on the PS3 from the 1 April.

The PS3 firmware 3.21 disabled the ability to run Other OSes on the older fatter PS3 since launch.

"It will disable the “Install Other OS” feature that was available on the PS3 systems prior to the current slimmer models, launched in September 2009. This feature enabled users to install an operating system, but due to security concerns, we’re now removing this feature", said Sony at the time.