It seems Monday's worldwide "outage" of gamers not being able to use their Sony PS3 resulted in some gamers supposedly getting laid.

According to a new survey, 87% said that they used the time to "engage in a spot of loving as an alternative."

The survey, carried out by, asked 2400 male PlayStation users what they did instead with their time. Presumably there were no women who cared.

If they weren't making a "beast with two backs" then they were being a bit more romantic, 9% took their other halves out for dinner while 2% admitted to using the time to play with other things, probably themselves. The other 3% watched telly or went to bed. 

The original version of the PS3 console was affected by the glitch due to the added day in February not being configured on the station’s clock mechanism.  

If you were affected by the outage what did you get up to?