Sony has patented a video games controller that would work seamlessly across multiple consoles, in the same way that manufacturers offer phone chargers that work on many different types of handset.

The patent describes a device that has a touchscreen LCD in the middle, which would display different button layouts depending on the console it's connected to. It would have a speaker and vibration unit, but most interesting is the list of consoles that it describes as being able to connect to. The patent says:

"This document describes an adaptable or universal game controller which can be used to emulate the controllers of popular game consoles, such as, without limitation, the PlayStation.TM. made by Sony, a controller made by Nintendo, X-box.TM. game controllers made by Microsoft, Amiga CD-32.TM. controllers, Atari Jaguar.TM. controllers, Gravis Gamepad.TM. controllers, Sega controllers, and Turbographics controller".

As Kotaku points out, there's a lot of very old consoles in there - could this actually be a patent for a virtual console experience, rather than the altruistic offering that it suggests? We'll keep you posted of any announcements.