Sony is looking to take drastic action after its latest and greatest model in its PlayStation Portable range has not sold well, reports suggest.

The Sony PSP Go, which is smaller than the PSP and relies on digital downloads, has not been a hit with consumers by all accounts with pricing slashed only a week after launch.

It's now being reported by gaming site GamerVision that Sony is planning a second launch for the device in order to try and boost sales.

From GamerVision: "Sources have confirmed with Gamervision that a PSPgo 'relaunch' is imminent, complete with a marketing blitz in hopes to rekindle some sort of excitement over the handheld".

The PSP Go is expensive - it's priced at $250 in the US and £224 in the UK (although sells for closer to £199) and - on price alone - does not compare well to rivals such as the Nintendo DSi at £125 or the iPod touch at £152.