Want to know the latest whisper in the gaming world? Engadget says that VG247 says that Sony's coming-soon motion controller is to be called the "Arc".

VG247 cites a "concrete source" speaking to the site under "strict anonymity" that Sony has named its new controller thusly.

It seems the name, which evokes thoughts of the PS3's first concept controller, would be the final production name - as its pre-production title has already been revealed.

EA's CEO John Riccitiello recently let slip that Sony has been referring to the motion-sensing accessory as the "Gem".

Back in December Riccitiello said, as part of a wider speech: "Natal [Microsoft's motion sensing game solution] and Gem, these are likely to bring new consumers into the marketplace".

"We haven't announced a final name at this point", Sony Computer Entertainment of America director of since stated, before revealing "Gem" was in fact "an early code name for the product".

Whatever the thing is called, we'll keep you posted on news before its official spring 2010 launch.

UPDATE: Sony has now says that the PS3 motion controller launch has been pushed back to autumn