Sony has released details of its worldwide sales for the PlayStation 3 during the "Holiday Season" - also known as Christmas.

Sales are taken for the 5 weeks following the last week in November 2009, in which time, according to Sony, a whopping 3.8 million units were sold. According to these calculations this equates to a 76% increase in hardware sales compared to the same period last year, almost certainly due to the price drops the console has seen.

In a statement on what we can look forward to in 2010 the company says it, "will also vigorously enhance the network content and services, while tapping into a wider audience through the introduction of a new Motion Controller supported with a variety of software titles as well as delivering outstanding 3D experience in homes with 3D stereoscopic games and movies, that is possible only on the PS3 platform".

Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed its figures for Xbox 360 sales, which stated that the company had sold 10 million consoles in 2009, with the total units sold worldwide since launch now at 39 million.

A quick reminder was also given to of its anticipated Project Natal also getting talked up at CES, which the company said would "be hitting living rooms this holiday/Christmas 2010".